Our Rapid Assessment Team

To assure rapid assessment and intervention to acute adult inpatients when an unexpected decline in condition occurs.
Team members shall include Critical Care RN with Advance Cardiac Life Support and proven competency as a Rapid Assessment Team nurse, a Respiratory Therapist; and a Hospitalist or Intensivist will be available to respond on an as needed basis as determined by the Rapid Assessment Team Nurse.

Rapid Assessment Team Activation:

Rapid Assessment Team activation can be done by anyone: bedside nurse, ancillary staff, or patient. Because we believe the faimly is part of the healthcare team, family members can also activate the Rapid Assessment Team.


Is to decrease the number of cardiac arrest within the hospital by assessing and intervening prior to a crisis, provide support and education to the bedside nurse, and to insure patients are placed in the correct level of care with changes in patient condition.