Small Gifts. Big Impact.

Eleven months into this pandemic, none of us are untouched by the COVID virus.

Like me, you know a person who has contracted the virus or someone who has struggled to regain their health or someone who has lost a loved one. Perhaps your child or grandchild has been sheltering at home and, therefore, impacted by distance learning. We have limited our trips to the grocery store and hoped that we did not contract the virus. The media reports on the medical challenge the virus poses for large medical centers and hometown hospitals like ours.

We each want to do something positive that will impact the care of loved ones and the safety of front-line medical personnel - doctors, nurses, technicians and caregivers.

All gifts to Redlands Community Hospital make a difference. Today I invite you to make a gift that will support the mission of our hospital - caring for others in their time of medical need. Small gifts add up and you can be part of helping us fight this pandemic. Please join me today and make a gift that will have a direct impact on our patients and the medical staff that is working hard to save lives.

Jan Opdyke, President
Redlands Community Hospital Foundation

How your gift can help:

Like in any emergency, the best way to help is by making a financial contribution. Donations made to Redlands Community Hospital Foundation will go directly to the areas of greatest need, including the support of front-line staff as they care for patients. All contributions are tax deductible. Please click on DONATE NOW