3200/3400 Telemetry

The Telemetry Unit (3200 – 3400) consists of 34 rooms total with telemetry monitoring capabilities. The unit provides care for adult and geriatric patients requiring frequent interventions, monitoring, and observation. Primary diagnoses may include but are not limited to sepsis, stroke, gastrointestinal bleed, acute myocardial infarction, and congestive heart failure. It also includes those patients with respiratory compromise requiring frequent respiratory therapy including patients with tracheostomies on ventilators. 3200 – 3400 also provides care for patients requiring medications for blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmias and diabetic patients requiring insulin drips.

The 3200 – 3400 Telemetry department is dedicated to providing a caring environment through patient centered care, and demonstrates support of its members through professionalism and collaboration. It is a team who embraces change and is guided by shared leadership, accountability, and positive attitudes.

The staff of the 3200 – 3400 Telemetry department is committed to providing high quality of care to our patients and their families. Their Professional Practice committee has established behavior standards that all staff are expected to practice while on duty. These behavior standards are designed to establish a culture that is supportive of our team’s core values. They are practiced by every staff member in every communication we have with our patients, families, visitors, physicians, and all other staff members with whom we come into contact. Living and working by these standards assist us in providing the kind of care we would expect our family members to receive if they came to Redlands Community Hospital. In other words, we believe in putting the patient first before everything else.

3200 – 3400 Telemetry Professional Practice Council