Home Health Services

Patients and their families welcome the opportunity to remain in their home while recovering from an illness or adapting to a change in health status. Home Health Care provides services to individuals who are homebound (unable to leave home without an effort) and require intermittent skilled care as certified by a physician.

Whether you have just been released from the hospital or have been dealing with a new medical condition, Redlands Community Hospital has developed comprehensive home care services. Examples of skilled needs are: instructions on diabetic management, follow-up care after surgery, stroke rehabilitation, wound and ostomy care.

Home care is exactly that. Care in the home. We serve an area about 30 miles radius from the hospital. That includes Cherry Valley to the East, Fontana to the West; Riverside to the South and Highland and low mountains to the North.

A team of health care professionals develops a plan of care personalized to meet individual medical needs as determined by a physician. Registered Nurses may assess patient status, provide skilled care and instruct care givers. Physical Therapists offer rehabilitative services such as home exercise programs and teach the safe use of equipment (walkers, canes, etc.). Speech Therapists assist with swallowing difficulties and speech exercises. Occupational Therapists further assist in activities of daily living. Medical Social Workers are available to help with community resources and long range planning. Home Health Aides may provide personal care intermittently.

We want to help you stay in your own home as you progress to wellness. Our team works together with your home care provider to provide the assessment, treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation that will get you back to yourself again.

Home Health Care may be initiated by an order from the patient’s physician, discharge planner or care manager. A skilled nurse or therapist will evaluate the appropriateness of care. Home Health Services are paid for by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and many other HMO insurances.

You may reach us at:
TTD (909)798-256