The Advanced Illness Management (AIM) Program

Palliative Care at Redlands Community Hospital

Chronic diseases are conditions that last for an extended period of time, they may even last for years. While working on recovery is important, regular treatment does not always address the more painful symptoms and living with these side effects takes a mental and physical toll on the patient. The Advanced Illness Management Program is Redland’s Palliative Care service. In this program, we focus on improving the patient’s quality of life by relieving pain and increasing comfort.

AIM is part of Redland Community Hospital’s Home Health Services. Our team visits patients at home so that they can feel more relaxed in a familiar, secure setting. Palliative care is not hospice care, meaning we are working to help patients make a full recovery from their injury or illness. However, should a patient or family decide they want to discontinue life extending treatment, our team will ensure their final phases of treatment will focus on comfort, care, and support.

Treatment Customized to Patient Needs

The best way to provide patients with comfort in mind and body is to learn more about them. We take the time to speak with patients and have them speak up about what they want from their treatment. We educate patients about their condition and the various services we offer so that they can make informed decisions about their care.

Some of the services in the AIM Program include:

  • Pain management
  • Treatment for anxiety
  • Breathing exercises and assistance
  • Education on illness and treatment options
  • Spiritual Care
  • Assistance from a Medical Social Worker
  • Personal care and support at home

The AIM staff works collaboratively with the patient’s Primary Care Physician so that we can best coordinate care efforts aimed at recovery and comfort. We keep close track of a patient’s condition to ensure they don’t make any unnecessary trips to the emergency room or hospital. Through AIM, patients can receive comprehensive treatment from medical professionals without leaving the comfort of their own home.

For information about AIM and our Home Health Services, call the Home Health Department at (909) 335-5647.