Redlands Clinical Laboratory

Diagnostic & Pathological Lab Testing

At some point during your medical care, your physician may require testing from a clinical lab to continue your treatment or confirm a diagnosis. Clinical labs primarily focus on studying diseases and how various treatments affect them. During your visit to the lab at Redlands Community Hospital, you will need to provide a body sample (your body or tissue sample will vary based on the purpose of your visit) and allow the lab technicians to begin testing it.

Clinical lab testing can determine many things that physical examinations can’t, such as:

  • Your genetic risk factors for various diseases
  • The bacteria responsible for causing an infection
  • Detection of abnormal blood cells that could develop into leukemia
  • Chemical processes in the body
  • Antibody deficiency and other immune system disorders
  • Blood testing

Redlands Community Hospital has been serving San Bernardino County for more than 100 years. Our lab technicians thoroughly review all tests for accuracy and provide results as quickly as possible so that you can get the information you need.