Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The NICU is for babies who are born prematurely or have other medical problems, such as breathing difficulties, infections or conditions requiring closer observation. Babies may remain in the NICU until they are discharged home or transferred to the Couplet Care unit when stable for rooming in with their mother.

  • Special equipment is used to observe and monitor babies closely as well as provide the correct balance of warmth, nourishment and oxygen if needed.
  • The staff includes neonatologists, pediatricians, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, lactation consultants, social workers, and occupational therapists.
  • Another special group is our volunteer staff of “Cuddlers” who provide the special service of holding babies to help enhance their recovery.
  • To support family-centered care, the staff will frequently provide you with a report of your baby's progress. Parents are encouraged to be involved with their baby's care.
  • The NICU is supportive of breastfeeding and has lactation consultants available to assist you. However, if mom is unable to produce enough breastmilk, human donor breastmilk is available.
  • Your baby will be discharged from the NICU once intensive care and monitoring is no longer required. The nurses will teach you how to care for your baby and written discharge instructions will be provided upon discharge.
  • Special bonds are formed between the nurses and families during their stay in the NICU. Reunions are held every 5 years to provide a chance to renew friendships and to see how the infants have grown.