Nancy Varner Center For Women's Health

Getting a mammogram, breast biopsy or bone density screening exam is now easier. This new innovative 3,300 square foot women's imaging center provides women a warm, compassionate place to have these and other procedures done in a comforting environment.

The center empowers women with knowledge that helps them make informed decisions about their health. Preventative education through videos, brochures and guidebooks help the patient make informed decisions in tandem with their physician's recommendations.

Our Mission

At the center, we are committed to elevating women’s health to a higher standard of excellence by providing the best available technology and educational tools aimed at early detection through breast care, imaging, and osteoporosis screenings. The center has received funding from Stater Bros. Charities and Inland Women Fighting Cancer which enabled the hospital to do just this with the funding to purchase advanced, state of the art imaging equipment.

Better Tools, Quicker Results

Early detection is the best prevention. Our goal? To provide the best education tools and technology for early diagnosis and treatment.

At this comprehensive women's center, guests get all of the imaging services they may need in one location and often within the same day. When possible, results are available on the day of your visit, minimizing anxiety and maximizing better results.

Services include 3D digital screening mammography, ultrasound and stereotactic biopsy, fine needle cyst aspiration, breast, pelvic or general ultrasounds, and bone density screenings (DEXA scan).

Exams with longer turnaround time are handled quickly, with results being shared with the patient and her doctor within a few days. This is important since early detection in breast cancer can mean the difference between life and death.

When appropriate, minimally invasive techniques allow clinicians to perform breast-saving biopsies for suspected cancer without surgery, decreasing pain and discomfort.

We have made excellence our priority and have been awarded the American College of Radiology Breast Cancer Center of Excellence designation.

Going The Extra Mile For Your Comfort

The Nancy Varner Center for Women’s Health works hard to ensure the health and comfort of its patients. From the moment they walk through the door, patients are offered refreshments. Patients are also offered a warm gown, soothing aroma therapy and the option to use the latest technology including the SmartCurve™ mammography tool, which reduces the discomfort of the procedure.

Early Detection Matters

Many women dislike having these procedures done because they dislike a cold, clinical environment. The Nancy Varner Center for Women’s Health is different.

Patients are greeted the moment they enter the center . They are treated like people and not a number. The staff is trained to address patients by their name, help educate women about their health, and treat everyone with respect and integrity during their entire visit.

Call the Nancy Varner Center for Women’s Health (909) 793-4399 to schedule your appointment for your mammogram, bone density test, ultrasound exam or breast MRI.
255 Terracina Blvd. Suite 104A Redlands, CA 92373
Open 7am-5pm