Surgical Services

The Surgical Services department is comprised of Pre-op Education, Prep, Surgery, and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Our Surgical Services nurses practice evidence-based care and are deeply involved with patients and their families.

Pre-op Education

When scheduled for a surgical procedure, our highly skilled Pre-op Education nurses call the patient and obtain information regarding their health history, medications, etc. for the Anesthesiologist. The patient is put at ease by explaining exactly what to expect from the moment the patient enters the door until discharge. Education is provided on ways to enhance the recovery period. Any questions the patient may have are answered. Patients find this experience very informative and helpful in relieving the anxiety associated with the surgical experience.

Prep Department

On the day of surgery, the patient checks in at the Information desk in the Surgery entrance lobby. A Prep nurse is notified and invites the patient into the prep area. On arrival, the patient is provided with a warmed bed, aromatherapy, and is prepared for surgery while listening to our Care Channel’s calming music and scenery. If the patient requires diversion therapy, meditative coloring is provided. The Prep nurse verifies the information received from the Pre-op education nurse and finalizes preparing the patient for surgery. One family member is able to stay until the patient goes into surgery.


When the time arrives to go into surgery, the patient is greeted in the Prep area by the Anesthesiologist, the Surgery nurse, and the Surgeon. The Operating room is a highly specialized area which is designed and staffed to provide skilled professional Intraoperative nursing care to inpatients and outpatients from adolescent to adult. There are eight operating rooms available to provide: General, Orthopedic, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Gynecology, Plastics, Neuro, Neuro-interventional, Urology, and Vascular Surgery, etc.


Once the patient’s surgery is complete, the patient is transported to the PACU. Highly skilled nurses receive the patient and provide comfort as much as possible before transferring the patient to an inpatient unit or home. PACU nurses coordinate x-rays and any lab tests which may be ordered. Medications are provided as needed to return the patient to as stable of a condition as possible after surgery.