Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Our Surgical Services nurses are deeply involved with patients and their families by providing a high level of care. If you have surgery at Redlands Community Hospital, this information describes the check-in process, recovery and how your family can help.

When You Arrive

Upon arriving at Redlands Community Hospital, you will go to the Information Desk in the lobby. A volunteer or clerk will give you directions. You will either go to the Admitting Office or you will go to talk to a PreOp Educator Nurse.

Services Provided

Surgery, Ambulatory, Infusion Center, GI Lab/Endoscopy/ Bronchoscopy, Lithotripy, Outpatient Cardioversion, Cardiac Cath Lab, Registration and other invasive outpatient services. Perianesthesia care includes attention to special needs and problems affecting individual responses to surgery and anesthesia. The patient’s family and/or significant other are integral to the perianesthesia care plan and educational process.

The PreOp Educator speaks to most patients who are going to have a scheduled surgery, either on the phone or in person. The purpose is to review the patient’s health history, medications, etc, for the anesthesiologist and to put the patient at ease by letting them know exactly what to expect from the moment they walk through the door until their discharge from the hospital. The PreOp Educator explains the surgical procedure, offers tips to enhance recovery and answers patient and family questions. Most of the patients find this very informative and helpful in relieving the anxiety associated with the surgical experience.

Family Waiting B is the area located next to the Registration Desk. Your family will wait there depending on the doctor’s preference and nurses instruction. A volunteer is working in Family Waiting B who can keep your family informed about your progress.

One Day Surgery

In One Day Surgery the nurses will finalize preparing the patient for surgery and some outpatient procedures. The nurses assesses the patient to insure they are fit for surgery and there are no contraindications that may come up before they proceed with anesthesia and surgery or special procedures. The patient will be placed on a gurney, given a private gown and asked a few final questions. Two family members can stay until the patient goes to surgery.

The Operating Room

The OR is a special-care area with six operating suites. It is designed and staffed to provide skilled, professional intraoperative nursing care to inpatients and outpatients of all ages. Surgeries performed at Redlands Community Hospital include:

  • orthopedics
  • general surgery
  • neurology
  • urology
  • ophthalmic
  • gynecological
  • vascular
  • orolaryngological
  • plastic surgery

Recovery Room

The Recovery Room nurses work with the surgeon and anesthesiologist to medicate patients and provide comfort as much as possible before transfer to another nursing unit or to home. Recovery room nurses coordinate X-rays and lab tests as they are ordered for the patient. They implement other doctor’s orders for antiarrhythmic, antibiotics, antiemetics, antihypertensives, sedatives and just about any medications needed to return the patient to as stable of a condition as possible after surgery.

Ambulatory Infusion Center

An outpatient service to provide comfortable IV antibiotics, blood transfusions and other intravenous therapies.