Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering plays an integral part for most successful organizations and events, and no where is this more apparent than Redlands Community Hospital. Whether it’s donating blood or spending time with a sick patient, volunteers encourage others to persevere through life. Without volunteers at Redlands Community Hospital, the success of most events and causes would be in great jeopardy and many wouldn’t be possible at all.

“The greatest benefit of volunteering is helping others, and that doesn’t mean just the people a volunteer comes in contact with, but the whole community,” said Cherie Towers,  director of Volunteer Services at Redlands Community Hospital. “The help of one volunteer can be all that is needed to inspire others into similar action.”

While the greatest reward of volunteering is helping others, it can be mutually beneficial in numerous ways. One of the main rewards of volunteering is career advancement. If looking for a new job, volunteering at Redlands Community Hospital can serve a purpose similar to an internship by helping to learn new skills and connect with unfamiliar people. Skills and experience are the greatest factors in landing a job. Volunteering can provide both.

Another benefit of volunteering is the positive impact it has on the volunteer’s health. Volunteering helps to keep people’s minds and bodies healthy, and it encourages participants to remain physically and mentally active. It keeps individuals from becoming isolated and it has been statistically proven to help combat depression. Redlands Community Hospital encourages the community to volunteer today; help others and help yourself.