Maternity & Obstetrics

Maternity Services

We are pleased you are considering Redlands Community Hospital.  We have been serving families in the Inland Empire for generations...and today, more than 2,400 babies are born here every year.  Why choose Redlands Community Hospital?

  • Private birthing suites for labor, delivery and recovery.
  • Private Couplet Care rooms for mom, baby, and family members.
  • A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with caring staff and skilled Neonatologists.

Admission to the Hospital

Expectant mothers should pre-register several months before the expected date of childbirth. All necessary forms and financial arrangements should be completed well in advance of the anticipated delivery date.

Payment Options


    For information on insurance plans accepted at RCH, click on Insurance Information located in our Patients & Visitors section.


    This is a good plan if you are not insured, not eligible for Medi-Cal, or your insurance does not cover maternity care. This plan does not include physician fees. Inquire with our admitting office for details and current charges at 909.335.6415.

Labor and Delivery

Redlands Community Hospital offers private birthing suites for labor, delivery and recovery.

  • Each LDR suite is equipped with a birthing bed which offers comfortable positioning during all stages of childbirth.  You will be examined by your doctor or nurse to determine your labor stage.  We believe in a family-centered birth and encourage your partner or coach to stay by your side during labor and delivery.
  • Your labor progress and the vital signs of both you and your baby will be monitored continuously.  The nursing staff remains in close communication with your physician while your labor process continues.
  • An anesthesiologist is on duty 24 hours daily to provide pain relief or anesthesia for delivery.  Epidural anesthesia is available upon request.
  • After delivery and if stable, baby is kept with the parents to bond.  Baby and parents are banded with special ID bands prior to leaving the delivery room.  The mother will remain in Labor and Delivery through recovery and once stable will be transferred to the Couplet Care Unit.

The Newborn

  • Your baby may go to the Nursery if additional care is required.  After delivery, the baby will receive an admission exam.  We provide routine newborn care and specialized infant care such as antibiotics and phototherapy for jaundice.
  • All RCH Maternal/Child staff wear a photo ID hospital badge with a special identifier.  Other security features include an infant alarm system, locked nurseries and video surveillance.

Postpartum Care

After the recovery phase is complete, mother and baby will be transferred to a private room on the Couplet Care Unit for the remainder of their stay.  Our committment is to support mother, father or significant other and baby in transitioning to a family.

  • We invite baby's father or significant other to stay with mom to take advantage of bonding and learning time. We strongly support the baby rooming-in to provide parents with special time to learn about their new baby.
  • Our staff is supportive of breastfeeding for optimal infant nutrition.
  • Average length of stay is 24-48 hours for normal deliveries, and 72-96 for Cesarean-section deliveries.  
  • Visiting hours are from 8am to 8pm for friends and family in good health. Visiting hours for immediate family are flexible to meet the family's needs.

If you have any questions about Maternity Services call (909) 335-5500


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