Medical Services

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care at the Spine & Joint Institute

The Spine & Joint Institute (SJI) offers a range of advanced medical services for orthopedic conditions. We specialize in knee replacement, hip replacement, spine surgery and care, and shoulder surgery. Our institute boasts experienced orthopedic surgeons and utilizes state-of-the-art implant technology and surgical techniques.

Knee Replacement

For knee replacement, SJI employs advanced procedures to shape and cap the ends of the femur and tibia, providing pain relief and improved mobility. Patients typically experience dramatic improvement and quick recovery.

Hip Replacement

In hip replacement surgery, SJI replaces the damaged ball-and-socket joint with metal, ceramic, or plastic components, creating a new, pain-free joint. After a short hospital stay, patients undergo a personally tailored rehabilitation program.

Spine Surgery and Care

SJI is recognized for its excellence in spine surgery, with specialists skilled in procedures for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. Surgical options include diskectomy, laminectomy, fusion, and artificial disks. Nonsurgical approaches are also considered, and a thorough consultation with physicians is crucial.

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery at SJI involves replacing the damaged area of the joint with an artificial implant, restoring motion and relieving pain. Surgeons at SJI have a strong track record of successful outcomes.

Each medical service at SJI is accompanied by a detailed booklet providing comprehensive information about the procedures, recovery period, expectations, and other important topics. The institute emphasizes personalized care and tailors rehabilitation programs to individual patients' needs and abilities.

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