Hip Replacement

Proven Expertise at One of the Nation's Leading Centers for Hip Replacement

The surgeons at SJI are highly regarded for their innovation and knowledge in hip replacement surgery. The term Total Hip Replacement is a little misleading. The hip is not totally removed and replaced by a new hip. Rather, the procedures call for replacing the ball-and-socket joint of the damaged hip socket in order to create a new, resurfaced joint that is free of damaged tissue and pain.

Typically, hip replacement surgery utilizes metal, ceramic or plastic parts to replace the ball at the upper end of the femur (thigh bone), and to replace or resurface the hip socket in the pelvic bone.

Following your surgery, you will typically have a short recovery period in bed, followed by an extensive and intensive rehabilitation program developed by SJI and specifically tailored to your physical condition and abilities. Most hip replacement patients stay with us just one or two days, followed by a program of motion rehabilitation exercises and tasks you will carry out at your home.

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Of course, there are a great many important details about hip replacement surgery we have not gone into here, and you will have a number of important questions you would like answered before you make your final decision. That is why the Spine & Joint Institute has compiled a detailed booklet that provides complete details about the procedure and answers frequently asked questions about hip replacement surgery, the recovery period, your expectations and many other important topics.

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