Telemetry (2100)

The Telemetry Unit (2100) consists of 40 beds (20 private rooms plus 10 semi-private rooms), each with telemetry monitoring capabilities. The Telemetry Unit provides quality, competent, compassionate and age appropriate health care to adult and geriatric patients requiring frequent interventions, monitoring, and observation. Patients include chest pain that resolves with minimal treatment, congestive heart failure, stable neurological and neurosurgical patients, respiratory patients.

Nursing provides care in order for the patient to attain the highest level of functioning prior to discharge. Nursing services focus on support of patient adaptation, restoration of health, and preservation of patients rights, including the right to refuse treatment or a natural death. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the patient's spiritual, psycho social, emotional and social integrity. The patient's care includes the interaction and impact of the patient's family and/or significant other(s).