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At RCH, our Pharmacy department collaborates with providers and other departments to ensure exceptional therapeutic care for our patients. With a team of over 50 dedicated individuals aligned with RCH principles and mission, we prioritize putting patients first. In addition to verifying each medication order before administration, we successfully achieve the goal of providing high-quality and timely medications to each patient.

There are many non-traditional things we do as a pharmacy that help our Patients First motto:

  1. We have pharmacy technicians in the Emergency Department helping to perform medication histories; ensuring that a patient’s medication reconciliation is as accurate as possible.
  2. We have pharmacy student interns looking at all high-risk patients’ medication histories and alerting the care team of patient needs.
  3. We have pharmacists in the Emergency Department to help transition those patients going from the Emergency Department to an inpatient bed.
  4. We have an Intensive Care Unit pharmacists helping to guide and direct the medication therapy in the unit in collaboration with the ICU team.
  5. We have pharmacokinetic pharmacists who work on the floor collaborating with Providers and nurses as needed to direct clinical work.
  6. We provide discharge instructions to each congestive heart failure and Stoke patient to help avoid a re-admission.
  7. We attend critical alerts with the multidisciplinary team, providing care in the most urgent of times to those who need it most.