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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I come in for treatment?

Monday-Friday. No weekends or holidays.

How long is each radiation treatment?

They are scheduled for 15 minutes daily, but can be between two and 25 minutes.

What will I feel during treatment?

Nothing. You will experience side effects after the first two weeks, which will be explained at your consultation and monitored daily by the therapist.

Can I continue my normal activities?

Yes, if you feel up to it.

Can I be around people after/during my treatments?

Yes you can, you cannot spread radiation to others.

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What happens during my consultation?

The radiation oncologist will meet with you to discuss treatment options, risks and benefits.

I have received an authorization to Redlands Community Hospital for radiation in the mail. What do I do now?

After you notify your referring physician that you received the authorization, he or she will contact us and we will then contact you to schedule an appointment.

Why do I have to fill out all this paperwork?

Every office has its own questionnaire. Filling them out will give our physicians a better understanding of your current health and provide you with the best of care.

Will I begin radiation on my first visit?

No. You’ll have at least two more visits before you begin radiation so we can deliver the treatments with precision.

What happens at my setup appointment?

X-rays will be taken to verify positioning and localize the treatment area. This appointment will be long so we can be precise. You’ll also receive your permanent tattoos for daily positioning.

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Why do I need permanent tattoos?

They help the radiation therapist deliver your treatments with millimeter precision.

Can I drive myself to my radiation treatments?

Yes, unless you cannot drive for other reasons.

Will I lose my hair?

Only if your head is the area being treated.

Do I have to come alone during my radiation treatments?

Friends and family are welcome in the waiting room only. They cannot come into the treatment room due to the ionizing radiation being delivered.

Will my radiation treatments be at the same time every day?

We will figure out a convenient permanent treatment time for you over the first week or two. Until then your time will vary according to our schedule.

When will I get my daily treatment time for the radiation treatments?

You’ll receive your time at your setup appointment.

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