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Support Services

Financial Services

Financial Support Services will provide its customers with high-quality services including general accounting and financial reporting, payroll and accounts payable services, budgeting/financial planning/decision support services, capitation accounting and managed care administrative services, as well as contracting profitability analysis to support contract negotiations. These services will be used to create a reliable foundation for fiscal management and decision making throughout the organization. By employing experienced and trained professionals, utilizing automated technology and through positive fiscal and analytical leadership, Financial Services will help guide the organization toward continued operational success, fiscal stability, and the realization of RCH’s vision and mission.

Case Management

Case Management organizes complex care needs during the hospital stay. The Case Manager assesses the patient’s health insurance plan and works with the insurer to ensure the best care is delivered with the least financial burden. This collaboration includes arranging post-acute care needs such as Skilled Nursing Facility placement, Home Health and Durable Medical Equipment. Case Managers are often referred to as care coordinators or patient advocates and serve as a valuable resource for the patient, the hospital, and the patient’s health plan.


Hospital maintenance engineers are responsible for maintaining the extensive heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems in hospitals. The equipment they operate includes boilers, air-conditioning equipment, diesel engines, turbines, pumps, condensers, generators, and compressors. It is their responsibility to ensure that all of these systems are operating not just correctly, but also efficiently and safely.

Hospital mission, values and Patients First PROMISE.

Food and Nutrition Services

Food and Nutrition Services is committed to providing safe, consistent, quality food for patients, staff and guests at Redlands Community Hospital in accordance with Redlands Community.

  • Nutritionally adequate, attractive, and satisfying meals to patients, hospital employees and visitors, with accurate diet modifications for patients as ordered by the medical staff.
  • A safe and sanitary food service environment, according to standards of quality as established by federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Room Service patient meal service program from 7:00am through 6:30pm.
  • Cafeteria is open to visitors from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 7am to 7 pm on weekends and holidays.

Information Systems Department

At Redlands Community Hospital, our Information Systems Department is dedicated to advancing technology to enhance the experiences of clinicians, patients, and providers alike. By bridging gaps in care, we leverage advanced technology to ensure seamless, efficient, and comprehensive healthcare services. Our focus on innovative solutions supports our commitment to improving patient care and outcomes, making every interaction simpler and more effective. Through continuous technological improvements, we aim to foster a connected and accessible healthcare environment for our community.

Quality and Patient Safety

Our data analytics team takes pride in producing hospital data elements that allow leadership and staff to make decisions about performance improvement opportunities. Experienced Registered Nurses perform retrospective chart reviews and audits, support medical staff committees, and participate in performance improvement activities. Improving patient safety is at the forefront of our daily activities which include prompt event review, evaluating system performance, and education to staff and medical staff.

Infection Prevention

Our Infection Prevention (IP) department affects all aspects of health care, including identifying infections, implementing measures to prevent the spread of infections within the facility, and coordinating with the Public Health Department daily to prevent the spread of disease to the community. Our department also monitors hand hygiene, community, and hospital-acquired infections, sharp safety, environmental safety, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization practices within the hospital. IP staff interact with and educate RCH staff and patients daily.

IP staff perform daily surveillance to ensure that all protective measures are used for patients on isolation precautions. We review medical records and provide meaningful data to ensure patient safety and performance improvement. The IP department recommends and implements risk reduction practices by integrating principles of infection prevention into all direct and indirect standards of practice within the organization.

Medical Staff Office

The Medical Staff Services team provides administrative oversight in matters related to credentialing, privileging, and proctoring for the Medical and Allied Health Professional Staff practicing at the hospital. Our medical staff professionals validate a provider’s education, training, and licensing to ensure that only qualified practitioners are involved in patient care, holding all providers to the same standard. In addition, they also undertake a privileged process that determines whether a doctor or advanced practice provider is eligible to perform specific medical procedures or treatments based on their qualifications, training, and experience. The Medical Staff Office serves as a liaison between the medical staff and all hospital departments to coordinate and provide overall continuity of medical staff activities. Monitors compliance with medical staff bylaws, rules, and regulations, policies, and procedures.

Patient Access Team

The Patient Access Team at Redlands Community Hospital, is committed to serving the community and patients with excellence by ensuring seamless and accurate capture and reporting of demographic and insurance information. With expertise in insurance eligibility, liability calculation, and regulatory compliance, we safeguard both patient well-being and organizational integrity. Whether assisting with insurance inquiries, providing financial guidance, or ensuring meticulous attention to detail, we are here every step of the way, ensuring individuals access the care they deserve.

Health Information Management Department

The Health Information Management Department (HIM/Medical Records Department) at Redlands Community Hospital maintains a medical records system that collects, processes, maintains, stores, safeguards, and retrieves medical records of our patients. The department assists with requests to obtain proxy access and requests to inspect one’s medical record. To obtain access to your patient portal account, you may self-enroll at The Health Information Management (HIM) team is available to answer your questions at 909-335-5602. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

EnvironmentalServices Department

The mission of the Environmental Services Department is to effectively manage and direct the departmental procedures, which provide for a clean, sanitary, and pleasant environment, essential to the medical and nursing care of patients, the hospital staff, and the patrons of the hospital.

Materials Management Department

The Materials Management department team supports purchasing activities, contract sourcing for all supplies, capital equipment, and services, supplier relations, receiving/distribution, shipping, storage, and inventory control. Distribution of supplies is managed through a Demand Flow PAR(Periodic Automatic Replenishment) Level replenishment process. Spearheading the Value Analysis Program for the selection of supplies and services postures Redlands Community Hospital to capture cost savings opportunities while standardizing product selection, providing clinical efficiencies, and supporting improvements to patient care. Redlands Community Hospital is committed to supporting California's Supplier Diversity initiative by providing opportunities for all suppliers that have been certified as a Diversity Supplier, to bid on products and services.