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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have received an authorization to Redlands Community Hospital for radiation treatment in the mail. What do I do now?

Your referring provider should have already submitted your information to the Radiation Oncology Department at RCH. You should receive a call within a few days from our department to schedule a consultation with the Radiation Oncologist. Feel free to call our department at 909-335-5611 to verify that all of your information has been received.

What happens during my consultation?

The Radiation Oncologist will meet with you to discuss treatment options, risks, and benefits. They will review imaging reports, surgical reports, pathology reports, labs etc. with you to help determine if radiation treatment is appropriate for your case.

Why do I have to fill out all this paperwork?

Every office has its own questionnaire. Filling them out will give our physicians a better understanding of your current health, and provide you with the best of care.

Will I begin radiation on my first visit (consultation)?

No, if radiation treatment is appropriate for your case, you will be scheduled for a CT simulation. This requires additional authorization from your insurance, and may take a few days to receive.

What is a CT simulation?

A CT simulation is a CT scan performed by a radiation therapist that uses immobilization devices specific to your type of treatment. You will receive positioning tattoos during this appointment. This scan is used to create your treatment plan. Once a plan has been created and approved by the Radiation Oncologist, you will move to the next step in your care which is your setup appointment.

Why do I need permanent tattoos?

The tattoos help the radiation therapist deliver your treatments with millimeter accuracy.

What happens at my setup appointment?

X-ray images will be taken to verify your positioning versus the treatment plan that was created for you. Frequently, your initial treatment will also be administered on this day. You may receive additional tattoos during this appointment.

How often do I come in for treatment?

Monday-Friday. No weekends or holidays.

How long is each radiation treatment?

Most treatment appointments are about 15-30 minutes long, although the radiation is only delivered for a fraction of that time.

What will I feel during treatment?

You will not feel anything during radiation treatment. You may experience side effects while on treatment, all of which are discussed with you during your consultation. The most common side effect of radiation treatment is generalized fatigue.

Can I continue my normal activities?

Yes, if you feel up to it.

Can I be around people after/during my treatments?

Yes, you're able to do so. The radiation that you receive during treatment does not make you radioactive.

Can I drive myself to my radiation treatments?

Yes, unless you cannot drive for other reasons.

Will I lose my hair?

Radiation induced hair loss only occurs in the treatment area. If we are treating your brain or head, hair loss will occur there.

Do I have to come alone during my radiation treatments?

Friends and family are welcome in the waiting room only. For safety, only our patients are allowed in the treatment room.

Will my radiation treatments be at the same time every day?

We work to accommodate scheduling for everyone. A set time is usually offered within the first few days of treatment. Until then, your time will vary according to our schedule.

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