Hospice Services

Hospice Services

What is it?

Modern medicine and technology has allowed us to keep people alive beyond their natural dying process, but sometimes at the sacrifice of their dignity, quality of life, and being at home, surrounded by loved ones. Hospice can be there at this time. Hospice does not speed up the dying process. Hospice allows a patient to come to terms with death and the family to accept and grieve. Hospice allows death in the natural course, with family around.

Hospice patients may be on service as long as required by their condition. Ideally, hospice will be able to work with a patient/family over a period of time during the dying process.

"[Our] family is so very grateful that there is an organization with such wonderful people as you to guide, provide such comprehensive service and do so with the compassion and thoroughness [my husband] received."


When is it appropriate?

Along with meeting medical criteria, patients and families must be at a point where they no longer want aggressive, active treatment. Whether it is because the treatment is no longer effective, or the side-effects outweigh benefits, or that the patient is tired of spending so much time in doctor’s offices, Extended Care, Emergency Room, or the hospital. When a patient wishes to be kept comfortable, be with family and let nature take its course, that is usually when hospice is appropriate. Patients may still be active, going on outings. Enjoying quality time with loved ones is encouraged.

"If you ever need someone to talk for you or write a letter don’t think twice to ask."


Where is service provided?

Hospice is a service, not a place. Most often people on hospice return home to their family. Sometimes the family hires help for 24 hour care. Hospice comes to the patient and family. We teach family how to care for their loved one.

Patient’s can be on hospice in some board and care facilities. Some go to a skilled nursing facility where the patient/family would need to pay privately, and hospice services could be provided there just as they would be in the patient’s home.

"I am writing this to extend my thanks to your staff for incredible excellent care [my wife] received before she passed away. Money could not purchase the hospice care which she received. I marvel at how you could find such wonderful nurses and others."


Who provides the care?

The hospice team consists of the patient’s doctor, who remains the primary physician. A hospice nurse case manager oversees the patient’s care, making sure patient is comfortable and pain-free. A Nurse is available "on-call," at anytime. The Home Health Aide is available to bathe the patient, help with patient’s personal care. The hospice Social Worker helps address caregiver needs, alternative placement, helps family with closure, family dynamics. The hospice Chaplain provides spiritual and bereavement support, and Hospice Volunteers allow caregivers a break to run errands, get a little breather. The hospice bereavement team is available to contact survivors for 13 months after patient’s death to provide support as needed.

"We have suggested your program to 3 friends since our experience. All have found your services very helpful."


How is service given?

Keeping the patient comfortable and pain free are hospice priorities. Patients have the right to decide what treatments they want and don’t want.

Hospice is covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal, and most insurances cover hospice.

Explanation of the hospice benefit does not obligate anyone to sign papers at that time. Hospice helps patient and family throughout the process by providing support. Hospice stays in touch with survivors for 13 months after their loss, if desired.

"Thanks to the wonderful nurses that came, they all provided superb help and support. With their help, I was able to fulfill my promise to my wife that could die at home peacefully and without pain."


Why Hospice care?

Hospice of Redlands Community Hospital is unique in that we are a local, non-profit, community-based program. Not being part of a large corporation, we are able to provide personal service, while adhering to Federal and State regulations. We are pleased to say our reputation in the community is one of a caring, dedicated team. We try to treat our patients like we would want those we love most treated; with respect, dignity, compassion, and love.

"The team of hospice care workers was outstanding! My family were very impressed with the quality of care that was offered. My husband was kept very comfortable."


Tell Me More

To learn more about hospice as it may pertain to your needs, call for an explanation of benefits which can be given in your home or in the hospice offices located at Redlands Community Hospital. A doctor’s order is needed to sign on to hospice, but we will be glad to talk with you to see if it is an option for your loved one.

We can be reached at (909) 335-5643 or Toll free: (888) 397-4999.

"Thank you for being so very nice to my [wife]. She couldn’t praise you enough for being so nice and caring at the time she needed it most."