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Pricing Transparency/ Charge Description Master

Dear Patient,

In order to provide full charge transparency, Redlands Community Hospital has provided a full listing of our Gross Charge amount for each service or item charged by the facility. Charges for Drugs, Implants, and Supplies fluctuate frequently based upon market conditions. The prices listed for these items in our Charge Description Master represent our prices effective 10-1-20 and represent an average price for these items over the past 12 months.

Please contact our office directly for current price quotes on these items at 909.335.6410.

Please be aware that in most cases Gross Charge amounts have very little or no bearing on what you’ll be expected to pay for your Medical Services. The amount charged to patients by Redlands Community Hospital is directly related to the Health Insurance that a patient has and the Benefits of each Plan. Please contact our Financial Counselors for a complete quote of your out of pocket expenses for services rendered at Redlands Community Hospital at 909.335.5500.

For all Uninsured Patients, Redlands Community Hospital offers a very generous Self Pay discount on all services.
Please contact our Financial Counselors for a discounted Self Pay quote at 909.335.5500.

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