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Breast Biopsy

What is a breast biopsy?

A biopsy involves the removal of a small sample of tissue from the breast, so that it can be analyzed for atypical cells. Your doctor might recommend a biopsy if there has been an abnormality noted on your breast imaging studies.

Fact: Most breast biopsies reveal the suspicious spot to be benign or non-cancerous.

What is a needle localization and how is it done?

A breast localization involves the insertion of a small radar device called Savi scout into the breast to mark the suspicious tissue for the surgeon.

  • The area is localized using imaging and then numbed with a local anesthetic.
  • The radiologist inserts a tiny radar device Savi into the breast and aligns it with the previously placed breast biopsy clip to pinpoint the suspicious tissue.
  • Additional x-rays confirm the Savi has been placed correctly. Once the Savi is placed, a bandage is applied and you may go home until the day of your surgery.
  • In the operating room, your surgeon uses the radar device to guide them to the suspicious tissue, and both the suspicious area along with the Savi device are removed surgically through an incision in the breast.

How do I prepare for my biopsy?

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing without applying deodorant or powder
  • Bring your photo ID, insurance information and a list of current medications and supplements
  • Leave jewelry and valuables at home

Are there any special instructions after my biopsy?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions regarding your activity level and wound care at the time of discharge. During this period:

  • Avoid alcohol and any non-prescribed medications for 24 hours
  • Call your doctor’s office to schedule a follow-up appointment, usually within two weeks of your biopsy
  • Notify your doctor immediately if you develop a fever or redness/drainage from the biopsy site

About Our Technology

2D/3D Breast Biopsy System

The Women’s Imaging Center recently purchased the most advanced 2D/3D imaging breast biopsy system available, made possible by a generous gift from Stater Bros. Charities and Inland Women Fighting Cancer. This system, designed with tempurpedic padding to minimize discomfort, provides a faster, more accurate and comfortable procedure.

SAVI SCOUT Wire-free Radar Localization System

Another generous gift from Stater Bros. Charities and Inland Women Fighting Cancer allows us to offer our patients a wire-free breast localization tool (SAVI SCOUT™), to make breast surgery less invasive while allowing surgeons to optimize their breast conservation strategies. This system uses radar technology to help the surgeon locate and remove breast tumors.

Always Remember...

Women must be their own best advocates and take responsibility for their health. A good way to do that is by committing to routine screening including mammograms, as recommended by your doctor.