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When people hear the word ultrasound, they usually think of pregnancy. Ultrasounds work great for fetal imaging, but they can do much more. Echocardiology, for example, uses ultrasound waves to evaluate the heart. Ultrasounds can also evaluate the blood system, breast, thyroid and other internal organs. Redlands Community Hospital performs OB/GYN, breast, nuchal translucency (in baby development) and general ultrasounds.

Understanding Your Ultrasound

Most ultrasounds are simple and non-invasive. Our technologists apply a liquid gel to the area and use a handheld device (called a probe or transducer) to perform the scan. An internal endovaginal probe may be used in OB/GYN scans. The resulting images helps our team verify patients’ health and, if needed, devise an appropriate treatment.

Depending on the nature of your ultrasound, you may be instructed to abstain from eating or drinking before the procedure or to drink water just prior (for a pelvic or obstetric exam). Our team will answer your questions and provide all the guidance you need to complete the ultrasound, whatever your condition.

For more information, please contact the Nancy Varner Center for Women’s Health at 909.793.4399.