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Jake & Jan's Story

  • Author: Jake & Jan
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Growing Relationship With Redlands Inspires Gift With Double the Benefits

After Jake Jacobson retired from the military, he and his wife, Jan, decided to settle in Redlands, California, not only for the warm weather, but also for the warm community. “There’s so much volunteerism,” Jan says.

The couple joins in the community spirit and give back to a variety of organizations. “On Mondays, I volunteer at the A.K. Smiley Public Library,” Jake says. “As a retired Air Force pilot, I’m a part of the Orange Empire Military Officers’ Club.”

“Also, Jake’s the publisher and I’m the editor for the California Retired Teachers Association newsletter,” Jan says. “And I write educational grants for the Redlands Educational Partnership Foundation.”

When the Jacobsons aren’t volunteering, they enjoy golfing, which led to one of their connections with Redlands Community Hospital. “In June of every year, I work in the hospital’s fundraising tournament,” Jake says. “This started getting me interested in what the hospital was doing. Also, I became a patient a couple of times, and the treatment was absolutely wonderful.”

Of the many positive experiences Jan and Jake have had with Redlands, it was learning about the hospital’s community outreach that made them decide to give financially. “I attended a presentation where I realized for the first time that Redlands set up a free clinic in an impoverished area,” Jan says. “That was the tipping point.”

In 2008, the couple sold some property and made a donation to the Redlands Community Hospital Foundation. “We gave the Redlands Hospital Foundation a Vanguard account that we had for many years,” Jake says. “It helped them and helped us lower the taxes from the sale. It’s nice that you can give to the hospital and benefit yourself at the same time.”

“My husband and I think that helping others is about the best thing you can do,” Jan says. “And giving to Redlands is a fantastic way to help the community.”