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Why Choose Redlands Center for Cancer Care?

Our providers are experienced in oncology hematology and have seen a wide variety of diagnoses and are dedicated to providing exceptional care. The Center for Cancer Care offers a comfortable and relaxed setting for our patients to receive treatment while incorporating advanced technology with the most up to date practices. At the Center for Cancer Care we understand that each diagnosis is unique and the approach to treatment may differ based on the individual. We would be honored to care for you or your loved one throughout the course of treatment.


Offering quality cancer treatment close to home

Our new hematology and oncology infusion center provides comprehensive outpatient care for a wide spectrum of blood disorders and cancer care, including different types of cancers and hematology conditions such as clotting disorders, anemia, platelet conditions or iron metabolism issues.

Available services include consultations, screening and exams, preventative medicine, diagnostic services and treatment planning and support. Patients often come to our experienced specialists for second opinions.

Our Patients First approach is centered around individualized care, which requires truly getting to know patients and their families. Our setting has comfort and convenience in mind, especially for those who must make multiple visits

Inpatient Support at the Outpatient Level

Rapidly advancing technology and medication has made outpatient treatment for cancer and blood disorders a reality. These hematology and oncology services offer chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other targeted therapy at a convenient location with the same supportive care you’d get as an inpatient.

Innovative Treatments and Clinical Trials

Medical breakthroughs in hematology and oncology are everywhere, thanks to pioneering research into genetics, pharmaceuticals and more. Our team stays updated on new and innovative treatments like chemotherapy with reduced side effects, treatment that spares healthy tissue, and sophisticated targeted and immunotherapies.

Clinical trials are also available to patients under our hematology/oncology medical director, Emad Ibrahim, M.D. Those who meet the qualifying criteria may receive reduced-cost medication and developing treatments.

Infusion Center

Our outpatient infusion center is designed for patients who need chemotherapy, immunotherapy, electrolyte replacement blood product transfusions or other forms of IV therapy. Our facility is equipped for physical and emotional comfort during long sessions, with entertaining ways to pass the time. Our staff is experienced in accessing central lines including Port a Catheters and PICC lines. We offer comfortable heated recliners, complimentary Wi-Fi, iPads, and refreshments.

Convenient Location

The RCH Center for Cancer Care is located at 245 Terracina Blvd, Suites 206 & 208, Redlands. Open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. Available Oncologist on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Patient Education: Managing side effects

Learning how to manage side effects greatly reduce the amount of physical and emotional stress our patients are already going through. Some side effects include fatigue, gastrointestinal (GI) issues, pain, neuropathy, hair loss, skin and nail changes. Redlands Center for Cancer Care is dedicated to working with you during this journey and is here to assist in managing your side effects throughout your treatment. Remember to always communicate side effects and symptoms with your provider. Below are some common side effects and ways to manage them.

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